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i see him go to school, come back, play. i take him to the swimming pool a lot. it's just crazy in this whole area, man. >> reporter: the scene police officers found was horrifying. just before 4:00 p.m., the two children were playing with others from the complex, located just off 23rd parkway. the 5-year-old had somehow gotten his hands on a gun. it went off. the bullet struck the 4-year-old in the shoulder and penetrated through to the other side, narrowly missing his heart. the frightened 5-year-old ran into a nearby building. police questioned the boy and recovered the gun. >> right now we're just trying to figure out how this child got the weapon. after that, we've got to figure out who owns this weapon. from that point on, charges could be filed. >> reporter: an adult who allows an unsecured gun to get into the hands of a child can face criminal charges in maryland. jackie benson, "news 4 today." 4:30, almost 4:31 now, time for a first look at weather and traffic together. we'll talk to tom. >> i'm told there's some
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interest in the weekend. >> there's something going on this weekend. >> some big holiday is coming, i think. yeah, indeed, it looks like we'll have the humidity crank up as we head toward the 4th, but enjoy another spectacular day. another cool morning, fresh and cool start under this clear sky. the summer constellations are up, and the venus rising in the east. reagan national. down into the low 60s in prince george's county. it's even dipped into the upper 50s in northern fairfax, southern loudoun, and into northern montgomery into frederick county. most of the shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia only in the 50s right now. quite a cool start. right near the bay. temperatures there are in the 60s. it's in the low 60s much of southern maryland, the northern neck, and the eastern shore on this friday morning, 1st day of july. it's cool out of the mountains too, down near 50 degrees most locations western maryland and much of west virginia. eastern shore, another cool
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start there too. away from the waters there, right around 60 degrees. and the view from space showing this enormous area of high pressure still over the northeast and will be with us here throughout the day, bringing us plenty of sunshine. there's the washington monument now under this clear sky. live picture from the city camera. by 9:00, our temperatures upper 70s. sunrise, 5:47. by noontime, mid-80s. upper 80s, near 90. plenty of sun. you'll need sun block again today. we'll have it remaining mostly clear tonight. a look at your night planner coming up at 4:41. danella, how's traffic? so far we are looking fantastic. it's a wonderful friday, and our roadways are looking clear. here's silver spring georgia avenue at 16th street. local roads looking good in our area. as we head over to d.c., this is new york avenue and bladensburg road. i see no delays or accidents to report to you. in virginia, this is the beltway at braddock road.
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i can tell you the inner loop and the utter loop of the beltway in maryland and virginia, all roads are clear and no incidents to report. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks very much, danella. the holiday weekend is finally here. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to hit the road. if you're planning on heading out of town this weekend, officials say the earlier you leave, the better. the maryland transportation authority says, if you plan on using the bay bridge, the best time to hit the road today, are before 10:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m. if you're leaving tomorrow, they suggest before 7:00 a.m. or after 5:00 at night. on sunday, they suggest before 11:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. today a new law goes into effect to help crack down on underage drinking in virginia. under the new law, teenagers caught driving with a blood alcohol level of .02 or higher will lose their licenses for a year. that is twice as long as before. they will also face a $500 fine or 50 hours of community service. >> i'm hoping they'll say it being as onerous as i think they
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will perceive it and hopefully make the right decision, which is to not drink and get behind the wheel of a car. >> the new rule also says, if a teenager is caught drinking and driving, it becomes a misdemeanor on their record. and a host of other new laws taking effect today in virginia. bicycle or moped riders are now allowed to go through red lights after waiting two minutes. this is designed to help people using a vehicle that is not heavy enough to trip the sensor. also starting today, virginia restaurants will allow to you bring in your own bottle of wine. in maryland, the sales tax on alcohol jumps from 6% to 9%, and at some restaurants you'll now be able to dine outside with your dog. restaurants that allow pets in their outdoor seating will have to post signs and notify the state health department. 4:34 now. drivers in maryland will have to watch their speeds as they travel through parts of bowie. starting today, two new sets of speed cameras will be activated in school zones. first on old chapel road near white hall elementary. the second set is on racetrack
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road near yorktown elementary school. the cameras are part of bowie's safe speed program, which has now installed six sets of cameras in school zones. the cameras are active year round and carry a fine of $40 if drivers are caught going 12 miles per hour over the speed limit or more. and red light cameras will be activated today in fairfax city. one on university drive at north street. the other is at fairfax circle. for the next 30 days, you will just receive a warning if you run a red light. after that, the fine is $50. and the cameras will also capture video in addition to still photos that violators can catch online. transportation secretary ray lahood is supporting the decision to build the dulles metro station above ground. according to the newspaper, la hood says the move to build the station above ground will save $1 billion of the total cost. the transportation authority had been pushing for the metro to be
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built above ground, but with the higher price tag, it would make it difficult to secure federal help. dominique strauss kahn will ask to be released from house arrest, this after questions arise on the credibility of his accusers. "the new york times" report that the victim had contact with a suspected drug dealer and spoke to him about the case. she also allegedly accepted more than $100,000 cash deposits in the past and has not been completely honest with police. strauss kahn's lawyers will ask the judge to reduce his bail provision. this morning prince george's county counsel member leslie johnson refuses to step down despite calls for her resignation. johnson entered a guilty plea on charges of obstruction of justice yesterday. she and her husband, former county executive jack johnson, were arrested back in november as part of a federal corruption probe. prosecutors say she flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet and stuffed $80,000 in cash in
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her bra. >> i made a mistake for which i today accepted responsibility for my conduct. i only ask not to be defined by this mistake. >> johnson says she intends to stay in office until her sentencing in october. she faces up to 18 months in prison. her husband jack johnson has already pleaded guilty to extortion and evidence tampering. he'll be sentenced in september. today is the deadline set by a judge for a d.c. council member. harry thomas jr. has to respond to an allegation he did not pay more than $15,000 in student loans and interest. a lawyer representing the government says thomas acquired the debt by taking out two federally guaranteed student loans in 1983 and 1984. this isn't the only lawsuit thomas is facing. he's also accused of spending more than $300,000 in city money on lavish trips and an suv. the fairfax county animal
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shelter has euthanized all the cats in its facility. 80 animals had to be put down after a highly contagious virus was brought to the shelter in june. veterinarians thought they had the virus contained, but when it started to spread, they had no choice but to put down all the cats and clean the entire facility. >> the staff is pretty devastated by this. they come to work every day hoping that their work and their care and attention improves the life of an animal. to have to put these animals down. and some of them were not showing symptoms at the time, but the protocol says it doesn't matter. >> humans and dogs are not affected by the virus, but dogs can carry it on their coats and can infect cats in the same household. 4:38 is the time. ahead on "news 4 today," he was found with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash on him. why will taxpayers be footing the bill for mobster whitey bulger's attorney? suspended. the comment about president
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obama that got this popular political commentator kicked off the air.
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weather and traffic on the ones. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein sth 1st day of july. starting off with a clear sky.
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it is cool once again. upper 50s to near 60 in the suburbs and rural areas. in washington, now 74 at reagan national. right near the bay, upper 60s. there's the washington monument under a clear sky. sunrise at 5:47. by 6:00, upper 70s. lots of sun with low humidity and a light northerly breeze. then overnight tonight we'll be clear. a mild evening, and then down into the 60s starting off saturday morning. a look at the holiday weekend and into next week in about ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? so far we're looking great. the weekend's here, and our roadways are clear. that rhyme was not on purpose. just happened that way. let's take a live look at some of our area bridges. the american legion bridge is looking good as we head over to the key bridge, i love how it's lit up this time of day. as we head over to the 14th street bridge. all is calm and peaceful in our area. i'll be back in ten minutes with an update.
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joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. 4:42. it's 70 degrees. still to come, a man flies across the country without a boarding pass and is not arrested. find out what he did that later got him in trouble with authorities.
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good morning. welcome back. this morning the case against mother casey anthony will have a chance to rebut accusations made by the defense. they did not call anthony to the stand. instead they called crystal holloway, who testified she had an affair with casey's father george and says he told her caylee's death was an accident. prosecutors will foot the
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boss for james "whitey" bulger's lawyer. a judge made the decision yesterday even though federal investigators found $800,000 in cash in his california apartment. fbi agents arrested bulger last week. he was on the run for the past 16 years. bulger is charged with participating in 19 murders. his arraignment hearing is next wednesday. with just a month until the debt ceiling is reached, the u.s. senate has decided to cancel its planned july 4th recess. they announced yesterday they will return to work on tuesday, july 5th, to try to hammer out a deal to avoid a default. they're upset with president obama after his harsh words in tuesday's press conference. they refuse to accept any higher taxes while democrats insist that, in addition to spending cuts, an increase in taxes for the wealthiest americans has to occur. this morning there's speculation that treasury secretary timothy geithner will leave the obama administration after the current round of budget negotiations.
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according to "the washington post," geithner told the white house to wait until a decision is made about the country's debt crisis before deciding whether to leave. geithner has told lawmakers they must strike a deal to reduce the deficit and raise the federal limit on borrowing by august 2nd to avoid a catastrophic default. and today marks the beginning of a new era at the pentagon. secretary of defense robert gates left his office for the last time yesterday amid the applause of personal staff. the 63-year-old who has served eight presidents during 30 years at the cia and department of defense received a presidential medal of freedom as a going away president. former cia director leon panetta will take over as secretary of defense today, and general petraeus has been confirmed as the new cia director. nbc has suspended one of its political analysts after calling president obama a derogatory name on the air. during the live broadcast of the "morning joe" program, analyst
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mark halpern called the president the name in response to his press conference on tuesday. halpern immediately apologized, but the news channel suspended him anyway, calling them completely inappropriate and unacceptable. >> i can't explain why i did it. it was inappropriate. it was disrespectful. i've already apologized. i will again to the president and say i'm sorry. i'm sorry to the viewers. it was the kind of thing that i can't really explain, but i take full responsibility for it. it was a mistake. as i said, disrespectful, and i shouldn't have said it. >> no word on how long halpern's suspension will last. he's also an editor at large at "time" magazine. nbc universal is the parent company of msnbc. venezuelan president hugo chavez says he's had cancer surgery in cuba. he made the announcement via a televised speech. chavez said in the televised talk that the operation took out a growth in which there were cancerous cells. he called his situation "this new battle that life has placed
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before us." chavez looks thinner and read from a prepared statement. it's unclear what kind of cancer chavez has or what his future treatments will be. his appearance came after efforts failed to quiet growing rumors among venezuelans about his health. no word on when he'll leave cuba to head back home. federal officials are investigating just now a man evaded airline security and flew across the country without a valid boarding pass. according to investigators, nigerian national and u.s. resident flew from kennedy airport to los angeles on a virgin america flight last week. he displayed an old university of michigan student i.d. as well as an expired boarding pass with someone else's name. a flight attendant noticed he was in a seat that should have been empty. law enforcement officials questioned him after the flight then let him go, saying he posed no immediate threat. the nba is now out of bounds today a minute after midnight. nba owners locked out their
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players. league commissioner david stern and league owners are proposing a hard salary cap which players are against but owners say they've lost millions in the past few seasons because of the current agreement and that a new deal must be made to ensure teams can profit. the last nba lockout in 1998 shortened the season to 52 games. officials aren't confident they've stopped the wildfire from advancing on the los alamos nuclear facility. they've kept the flames from advancing any further, but the fire has spread into the los alamos canyon and has now scorched more than 45,000 acres. the canyon does run through parts of the town and the nuclear laboratory area, but firefighters say most of the canyon has been cleared of brush, giving them a safe area to attack the fire. residents will likely not be able to return home, though, until at least sunday. a tough break for people stranded at the top of the washington monument last evening. d.c. fire officials say 16
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people got stuck in the elevator around 6:45. they got stuck 400 feet up. firefighters had to manually lower the elevator to the ground, and that process took about 20 minutes. everyone got out safely. the people waiting at the top of the monument for the ride down had to take the stairs. that is a long walk down. >> hope there was air conditioning in that elevator. that would get a little close. >> another nice day, tom. one more? >> can you take it? >> we can take it. >> bring it on then. here we go. another beautiful morning under way with clear skies. temperatures are cool once again down into the 50s and much of the region. closer to washington, it's right near 60 around the beltway and the nearby suburbs in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, and montgomery county. in washington, low 70s near the bay. northern neck and eastern shore. weather watchers are reporting temperatures there in the 60s and a clear sky. and off to our west down into
4:52 am
the 50s much of the region. around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley around the mountains of west virginia. right now in the mid-60s near the beach. water temperatures around 70. should be a great weekend at the beach. over the last two hours high pressure holding in over the northeast. we will have this beautiful weather pattern hang in today and tonight and part of tomorrow. here's how we're looking this morning. there's the first light of day already showing up on the eastern horizon. there's the washington monument under this mostly clear sky. sunrise at 5:47. and by 9:00 we'll be in the upper 70s. lots of sun, low humidity, and with stagnant air we could have air pollution building this afternoon. as a result, we have a code orange for unhealthy air quality this afternoon. anyone with a heart or respiratory ailment should stay inside. high temperatures climbing to the upper 80s to near 90. overnight tonight, sunset at 8:37. after that clear. we'll be down into the 70s and then the 60s starting off
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saturday morning. here is a look at the fourth of july weekend. saturday looking terrific. another great day. lots of sunshine. getting a little more humid by the afternoon. still not really steamy. highs up around 90 or so. and then on sunday, looks like it will get more humid. highs into the low and mid-90s. then there was a possibility of some afternoon and evening thunderstorms, it looks like, as a weak front does drift through. and that front should be clearing the area, though, during the day on the fourth. as that happens, we'll have somewhat lower humidity moving in. we'll have increasing sunshine by monday afternoon. highs reaching low 90s. for monday night, for all the fireworks displays, looks like good weather for that. a look into next week. typical early july weather up in the upper 80s near 90 each day. not too humid. rather humid. morning lows 60s to near 70 and partly cloudy. only a very small chance of an isolated afternoon storm. you can check the weather at any time, weather channel on cable. you can check the traffic with danella sealock. how's it looking danella?
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>> it's still looking good. this is a great time to be on the road. if only we could be on the road early and not wake up so early. here's a live look at the beltway at university boulevard. you're looking good inner loop and outer loop on the beltway in maryland and in virginia as well. as we head down to 95 north. this is at the rest area. i can tell you north and south i-95 in virginia you are looking good as well. no incidents to report for you as you make your commute this morning. here's a look at 66 and glebe road. 66 east and west, you're looking beautiful as well. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thank you. our time right now is 4:54. talk about a bumpy ride. the painful experience that ruined this man's airline flight. >> i am here to represent your voice. so please quiet down. >> and mission accomplished. the ruling that had stephen
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welcome back. the life and presidency of ronald reagan will be chronicled in a new exhibit at the national portrait gallery. the new exhibit marks the 100th anniversary of reagan's birth. it features pictures of the former president's year in illinois, his acting career, and a portrait by andy warhol. there will also be video kiosks with excerpts from his speeches.
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it's day two of the royal couple's visit to canada. today they'll attend a citizenship ceremony, and then off to parliament hill for canada day celebration. william and kate landed in ottawa yesterday and took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the national war memorial. this is the couple's first official visit as a married couple, and it's also kate's first visit to north america. next friday the royal couple will head to l.a. for the next leg of their tour. you might have heard of a movie a few years back called "snakes on a plane." an oregon man has a scorpions on a plane story to tell. jeff ellis was traveling on an alaska airlines flight. it was late, and he was trying to sleep, and that's when he felt a sting on his elbow. he captured a scorpion that had bitten him, put it in a plastic bag, and took this picture. there were concerns at first the bite might have been poisonous. he says he felt fine, and the bite felt like a bee sting. the airline is now offering him 4,000 frequent flier miles and
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two round trip tickets. no word as to whether he'll bite on that offer. >> he handled himself relatively well considering there was a scorpion. if there was a scorpion on the plane with me. >> do you think you'd be up and running up and down the aisles and screaming? >> that would cause trouble, and it wouldn't be good for anyone on the flight. let's hope that never happens. with the 2012 elections happening, politicians are scrambling to create pacs, political action committees. >> one tv star is allowed to join the ranks of those with his own pac. >> mr. colbert, you may form your own pac and proceed as the commission has advised in this opinion. >> stephen colbert was approved to form a pac by the federal election commission. colbert's pac allows him to use the resources of his parent company viacom to create ads for the upcoming election without having to report them.

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